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We are now selling the scented oil we use in our candles & lanterns. They are sold either in 1 oz. or 4 oz bottles. The scented oil can be used in candles, odor eliminators, potpourri, diffusers, sprays, air freshers or sachets. Oils is not used on skin, for body lotions or in soaps. The scented oil is made up of 5-10% essential oil (high grade oils).

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Scented Oil Descriptions:

Chocolate - A warm chocolate scent, just like when there's a chocolate cake baking.

Cinnamon - Very spicy & fragrant, exactly like the real cinnamon.

Citronella - Fresh, clean scent of a ripe citrus lemon infused with a slightly woodsy smell that's very refreshing. For outdoor burning only! Keeps mosquitoes, black flies and bees away...

Coconut Hibiscus - A soft beachy suntan lotion scent mixed with a floral scent.

Forest - A familiar scent of coniferous trees in the high conutry. A strong pine & cedar blended scent.

French Vanilla - Wonderful sweet smelling French Vanilla with rich buttery overtones.

Fresia - Sweet smelling floral fragrance which is a wonderful spring scent. The sharpness of fresia is balanced out nicely with just a hint of soft lilac.

Gardenia - Beautiful & refreshing floral scent which is reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom.

Hazelnut - A toasty nutty scent on top of a coffee aroma.

Hot Apple Pie - Baked apple pie notes with a hint of sweetness & cinnamon spice.

Leather - So realistic, you'll want to strap on your best leather boots & go for a ride!

Lavender - A pleasant & sweet familiar lavender fragrance.

Lilac - Strong & sweet floral, smells like true-like lilacs in bloom.

Patchouli - Earthy & woodsy type fragrant scent, very popular in the 1960's.

Pear - Brandied pear scent.

Peppermint - Purely peppermint, mint,mint and more mint.

Pumpkin Brulee - A nice mix of cinnamon & pumpkin scent infused with a brulee scent.

Rain - A clean nice scent.

Rose - Absolutely like a bouquet of fresh roses from your local flower shop.

Sea Breeze - A clean cologne scent, perfect for the bathroom.

Strawberry - Sweet, juicy, sun fresh strawberries - a summertime favorite!