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MDC Corporate Headquaters & Studio    
     Morning Dew Candles was
      started 25 years ago from
         a hobby gone wild.
       We have been making
     handcrafted quality candles
       and lanterns ever since.
          We take pride in our
    craftsmanship and dedicated to
 the craft.Our products are offered
       on-line and check out our
           2021 Schedule

* The "Morning Dew" name comes from one of our favorite songs
 that The Grateful Dead (then) and Dead & Co. (now) performed. 

      Our business has grown along with our creativity over the past years. We are able to craft  highly-scented, long/even burning & eye-pleasing Candles. Our original paint can lanterns are hand-torched creating one-of-kind artwork that's useful. Hand-etched personalized candles make a gift even more special.

We have our own wax recipe that blends both paraffin & soy wax together. We use 100% bleached cotton wicks, additives, liquid candle dye & hi-grade of scented oils.

                                   HANDCRAFTED-IN-THE USA   - Seattle, WA.