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Lantern Refill Directions

Q- Why do "Morning Dew Candles" candles smell so good?

A- We purchase high-quality expensive fragrance oil that contain essential oils (less than 10%). The scented oil is mixed with the liquid wax, so the scent is throughout the entire candle. Top to bottom. The candle's fragrance will last for years, lit or unlit. When a candle is lit, the fragrance mainly comes off of the hot wax pool. The level of smell depends on the quality & the amount (5%) of fragrance added to the candle.

Q- What's the burn time on the Candles? Paint Can Lantern? Lantern Refills?

A- The burning time for the candles, 2" (width)= 7 hrs. per inch.; 2 1/2" (w) = 8.5 hrs. per inch.; 3" (w) = 10 hrs. per inch. So, if you had a candle 2.5" (w) X 4" (h), it would burn approx. 34 hours (4 X 8.5hrs. = 34 hrs.). Both the Paint Can Lantern & Lantern Refills (burning 2 wicks each use) can last up to 50+ hours.

Q- How long should I burn my candles?

A- You should allow your candle to burn long enough, so it's melt pool burns almost to the full circumference of the candle. If a candle is only lit for a short amount of time, you limit your candle from burning beyond that point. It will simple burn down and you may waste a great deal of the wax. And just as you should allow a candle to burn long enough, you should also not allow it to burn too long. Once the melt pool reaches the edge of the diameter of the candle, blow it out and let the candle set. Once it's set you can relight. Watch your candles!

Q- What wick length should I keep my candles at?

A- You should trim wicks to 1/4" and re-trim before each burn. Wick length determines flame height, the longer the wick the large and more unwieldy the flame. The trim must not be too short, as it will extinguish itself in the melt pool.

Q - Is there "lead" in the wicks?

A- No, We use 100% cotton braided wicks in our pillar candles and "zinc" pre-waxed wicks in our votive candles. Zinc (metal) wicks are safe and non-toxic. We purchased our wicks from U.S. companies practicing safe guidelines from NCA (National Candle Association). Imported candles may have lead wicks, due to different country's industry standards.

Q- Do your candles produce "Soot"?

A- All candles produce minute amounts of soot that is similar to the soot given off by toasters and cooking oils in the kitchen. None of these everyday sources of soot present a health concern. To minimize soot, consumers should keep wicks trimmed to 1/4" to 1/8" of an inch & keep candles away from drafts and vents.

Q- How can I refill my Paint Can Lantern?

A- We make our own Paint Can Lanterns Refills. They are available in many scents. You can also use a small candle instead of our lantern refill.

Q- What are the directions for the lantern wax refills?

A - First, clean out any old wax (use screwdriver to chip out or double-boil to melt out). Next insert the wax refill & light all four wicks for about 15-20 minutes. During that time, the wax will start to run down the sides filling up the space between the refill and can. Extinguish all four wick once it levels off & let the wax cool (10 mins.). Then relight 2 of the 4 wicks and start to enjoy regular burning, using 2 wicks each use.

Q- Why did my "store bought candles" wicks get buried in the wax or the candle tunneled down, leaving a lot of unburned wax?

A- They used too small of a wick. The wick gets consumed by the wax, thus tunneling. There are many wick sizes for different widths of candles. Morning Dew Candles uses the proper size wick for each candle's diameter. Testing is constantly being done on our candles.

Q- Why did my "store bought candles" burn quickly?

A- If a candle burns too quickly, it was mostly made up of wax. The most expensive ingredient in candlemaking is the scented oil. When oil and wax are mixed together in appropriate % amounts, the oil will make the candle burn longer (oil burns longer than wax), thus producing a longer burning time. Also, an additive should be added to strengthen the chemical bond between oil and wax, thus making a stronger candle.

Q- Will I be charged tax on my order?

A- Washington residents will be charged a sales tax of 8.9%. There is no tax for all other states.

Q-Is is safe to order on Morning Dew Candle's website?

A- Yes, our website is safe. We use the latest in SSL technology to safeguard your private information. Check for the "lock" symbol on your browser frame during critical steps in the checkout process to ensure that your information is absolutely safe. We do not sell any customer's information.

Q- When a votive candle is completely burned down, the metal wick base remains. What's an easy way of getting it out without hurting the holder?

A- Put the holder in the freezer for a short amount of time, then take the wick base out with your fingers or a tweezers.

Q- Does a wider candles release more scent than a narrower one?

A- Yes, the width of the candle determines the strength of the scent in the air. When a candle is lit, the fragrance mainly comes off of the hot wax pool. If a candle has a wide width, it has a larger surface are of liquid wax, which allows a larger amount of fragrance oil to vaporize into the air, thereby giving off a stronger fragrance than a narrower candle.

Q- What's Citronella?

A- Citronella is a fragrance that repels flying insects (ie; mosquitoes/bees). It should only be burned "outside", usually yellow in color). The scent is tolerable for humans, but not for pesky flying bugs.