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Paint Can Lantern SetOur original Paint Can Lantern is made from a gallon Paint Can! A pattern/scenery is hand torched around the lantern. Where the metal is missing the candle light will shine through like an luminary. They're filled with 3 lbs. of scented wax & 4 wicks (burn 2 wicks at a time). Includes logo lid, our company matches & burning instructions.

Lantern in Use They can be used inside or outside. They can last up to 60+ hours, alternate wicks as you burn. Our Lantern wax refills are available. They makes a great gift for campers, for parties/celebrations, gardeners, boaters & etc...! 

Several Lanterns in use Makes a great housewarming gift or a hostess/dinner party gift. It's also the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary (Tin/Aluminum).